WebSmith Business Consulting

WebSmith was founded over 18 years ago – heck, the internet was just beginning.

Back then monochrome monitors were new and computer servers could fill a room. Over the years we saw the punch card, dot matrix printers, magnetic tape and floppy disks come and go. Today we are faced with flatscreens, smartphones, and handheld tablet computers. So, when we hear others talk about their experience and claims to be well-rounded and knowledgeable  in the computer and web industry, quite frankly, it makes us smile. We smile because experience is relative and by comparison our expirence exceeds our competitors 10 fold! Speaking to being well rounded here are a few areas of expertize you’ll tap into when you hire us:

  • Online marketplace expansion
  • Ecommerce and shopping carts
  • Amazon integration
  • eBay Certified Business Consulting
  • Operations and automation
  • Networks and computer deployment
  • Payment processing selection alternatives
  • Software and application selection
  • Purchasing computer hardware
  • Advertising, imaging and branding
  • Cash flow assessment and projections
  • Short term and long term budgeting
  • Accounting and internal control
  • Microsoft office training
  • Copywriting and proofing
  • Raising boys (just checking to see if you’re reading)
    *mention this and get a free bonus.
  • Social media, marketing and promotion
  • Risk management
  • Web development best practices

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