WebSmith Cloud Services and Our Environment

The WebSmith Cloud and our partners take bold steps toward reducing our carbon footprint.

We contribute with Environmentally Friendly Hosting, we operate our servers in intelligent clusters, which makes us fairly efficient with our infrastructure and power usage. Our cloud server cluster uses 60% less energy and generates 50% less heat than similar standalone servers do – not to mention the reliability this ensures as well!

Still, internet operations do use electricity, and a majority of that power is generated from coal-burning power plants. The WebSmith Cloud, thru partnerships with Native Energy, is countering our environmental impact by offsetting the power we use from fossil fuels with renewable energy credits. Our goals are to make our hosting operation completely carbon neutral and to invest in projects that bring more clean energy into the power grid. You can read more about how this program works on Native Energy’s website –  www.nativeenergy.com.

Note: We encourage out team, partners, suppliers, and clients to do their parts as well!

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