Website and Database Cloud Backup

It’s a common misconception that web hosts' automatically back up your website. This isn’t the case.

We all understand the importance of backing up files on your home and work computers. But, have you considered backing up your website? If your website were to go down due to a virus or corruption would it adversely effect your business? Of course it would.

That's why we offer a secure, affordable, and simple solution – Cloud Website Backup.

This solution will allow you to select a scheduled backup of your entire site. It's saved on the cloud and can be restored at anytime should the need arise or disaster strike. Cloud Website Backup will also allow you to backup your CMS database too.

So, Virus, corruption, accidents, whatever happens your site and your database are safe.

A hacker "warranty" can be included to pay to repair your site should it get hacked!

Surprisingly affordable – cloud backup and our hacker warranty are $12.95/month each or get full protection for only 19.95/month!

Start NOW, a delay could cost you more than time – back up before your back is up against the wall! Contact us.


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