Mobile App Design & Programming


Helping you to develop your new mobile application is really, really fun for us!
IOS, CBD, JAVA, whatever technology you need we have the talent and the infrastucture to develop your new App! Whether it be an inovative game, a sales tool for your team, or a better widget – how could you trust anyone else with your mobile App? WebSmith is the “one-stop” shop to help develop your mobile applications.

Turning to WebSmith for your mobile app might just be the second smartest thing you ever did!

We are very comfortable working on projects in various industries because we have lived thru them. Our experience across many markets including financial, consulting, software, retail, real estate, and countless others brings you an “understanding advantage” that’s apparent from our initial conversations. You won’t have to over explain your whole business just to get us up to speed on a simple app you want developed. Time to market – from our inital talks to user testing we will get you there in record time!

We are passionate and knowlegable on the “trendy” mobile platforms. We use iPhones, iPads, Androids, and actually like testing new equipment!

Yes, we actively play with all types of apps, download, disect and learn – just for fun! That means we thoroughly understand what a “good app” is and the basics are simply covered.

With WebSmith Cloud Services you get all that plus:

  • A functional and usable mobile app matching your business needs, requirements and expectations.
  • Open standards designed allowing for future phases of development.
  • Easy App maintenance utilizing component based development (CBD) we help reduce your total cost of ownership.
  • Pre developed components like contact forms for faster development.
  • Our process is open and upfront from our initial consultation to your user testing.
  • Best Practice QA procedures throughout the entire project to ensure quality and on-time completion.
  • Integration with WebSmith Cloud hosting for seamless operation.
  • Ongoing support & maintenance with the products and tools keep your App running.

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