WebSmith Cloud MS Exchange Hybrid

The Exchange Hybrid is a combination of WebSmith Cloud Microsoft Exchange Email and WebSmith Cloud Email.

Shared calendars and contacts work between platforms, and there's a single control panel for administrators available. With our web-based email client built from the ground up as an all-in-one, software-free email management system you get a single, integrated system.

  • Integrated System
    Users can in each system can view and share calendars, access contact data, and use Outlook for exchange and IMAP.
  • Single Control Panel
    Our administrator interface or Control Panel lets you easily manage both platforms from an integrated, secure, web-based CP.

You can rest assured our business applications suite is constantly evolving around the tools businesses need to communicate and be productive.

Cost Savings  A business of 50 users could save 40%-50% by mixing MS Exchange with WebSmith Cloud Email, paying for only the services needed.

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