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Is your site running? 9,500 websites are blacklisted by Google on a daily basis due to malware infection.

Is your site down due to Spyware, Malware, or a Virus?

Are you blacklisted by Google, are you lossing revenue? Did you know your business reputation is damaged and this creates negative SEO impact?

Malware infections are the result of a hacker attack on your website. When your website does get infected with malware there are devastating consequences:

  • Your site gets blacklisted by major search engines.
  • All major browsers like Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome block access to your website.
  • Your website at this point is basically taken off the internet.
  • It could take 7-10 days on to clean up from a hacking incident and get off the blacklists.
  • Damage to the website’s reputation lasts for a long time, customers do not want to visit a site that infected their PCs.
  • Hackers can not only infect your customers, but can also steal sensitive customer information from your site, leading to a myriad of legal issues. 

Don’t think it won’t happen to you, chances are it will at some time or another. Protect yourself NOW with Web Site and Database Cloud Backup.

Statistics say that 4% to 20% of websites get infected each year …… websites just like yours. Consider the fact that close to 10,000 new sites get blacklisted every single day.   Did your website join the ranks of these unlucky sites?  Don’t worry, we have you covered. We can get your site back online, reverse the negative impact and start to restore your SEO. Once it is clean again, you might consider our Cloud Environment, and our Cloud Email that drastically reduces the possibilities of these attacks affecting you.

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