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WebSmith Cloud Email is hosted, supported, 100% reliable Email you can count on. Really!

Our Cloud Hosted Email packs a complete personal information management system into a compact, easy-to-use interface. Business email users have different needs and requirements than personal users. Email clients like Gmail or Yahoo are great for staying in touch with friends and family, but when your business relies on email, you need more. You need 100% reliable email – your clients and customers judge your professionalism by the systems you use.

On Your Desktop

Works with your favorite desktop software like Outlook®, Thunderbird®, Entourage®, or any POP/IMAP client.

On the Web

Manage Email, share calendars and access your Company Directory from any web connection with WebSmith Cloud Webmail.

On Your Mobile

Check your Email on your BlackBerry®, iPhone®, Windows Phone®, Android®, or other mobile device.

Ever have your email go down? Ever work with a company that tells you to send your mail to their personal AOL address? What message are they sending?

Don’t send that message! With WebSmith Cloud Email you have the power to securely manage email from any web browser or the device of your choice. Plus, we offer Cloud Microsoft Exchange, Cloud Plus Sync, and the money saving WebSmith Cloud Microsoft Exchange Hybrid Solution! Whatever your needs, WebSmith has the email system for you! With WebSmith Cloud Email services, you can access your mail when, how, and anywhere you need to, plus you get standard:

WebSmith Support

You can contact our Support team 24x7x365 by Email, chat, or ticket. We’re always here to help. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.

Satisfaction-Guaranteed Uptime

If your business Email is down, your business can come to a standstill. We have a rock-solid 100% up time history. Since you’re not locked into a long-term contract, we need to keep you happy to keep your business.

Down-time erodes your companies credibility as well as your bottom line. Ever wonder how much down-time actually costs you and your company in actual dollars? Try our down-time calculator and see!

Premium Spam & Virus Protection

To keep your systems safe from Email-borne threats, messages received from external mailboxes undergo three spam and virus scans.

Spam Filtering Details

Virus Protection Details

Easy Transition

Breeze through the setup of your cloud Email service with easy to follow step-by-step instructions that walk you through the simple process. Need additional migration assistance? We can help.

Works with Exchange

Save money with our Cloud Exchange Hybrid solution. This option offers Exchange mailboxes, plus, affordable, full-featured, WebSmith Cloud Email mailboxes on a single domain. We make business Email affordable for all businesses.

WebSmith Cloud Exchange & Outlook Benefits

WebSmith Cloud Exchange is Business Focused

Shared Calendars and Company Directory

Share your calendar with multiple users, create multiple calendars, and import events from other calendar sources. Quickly access users’ information from the shared Company Directory in the Email interface or create personal contact lists to keep track of frequent contacts.

Mobile Sync for WebSmith Cloud Webmail

Sync your Email, Contacts and Calendars between your webmail account and your smartphone with Mobile Sync for WebSmith Cloud Webmail (additional charges apply).

Up to 25GB Mailboxes

No need to delete anything ever! You can have up to 25GB mailboxes that hold up to 10 years worth of email, and we’re always working to make them even larger.

Control Panel

Manage your entire cloud Eail environment, including permissions, storage, mailbox creation, and more with just a few clicks using our intuitive Control Panel.

Cloud Email Control Panel

Secure Encryption

Latest SSL encryption techniques hide data during transmission so Internet crooks can’t access your sensitive mail.

Privacy and Ad-Free

Unlike hosted Email services such as Google Gmail™, Microsoft Hotmail®, and Yahoo!® Email we don’t read your Email, and we never show you ads.

Daily Backups

Email data is saved nightly. With the option to restore from the past 14 days if needed.

Cloud Email Archiving

50MB Attachments

With Websmith Cloud Email, inboxes won’t choke on photos, videos, and other large file attachments with over double the attachment size limit of other providers.

Auto-Setup Tool

Instantly detects and configures Outlook, Thunderbird, and other popular Email software. Easily set up a new Email account or adjust settings for an existing account.

WebSmith Cloud Exchange & Outlook Benefits

WebSmith Cloud Exchange is Business Focused

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