How To Zip A File

When transferring large or numerous files, it is often difficult to complete the transfer. The easiest way to resolve many of these issues is to zip a file using a file compression software package.

People wonder what causes this, this can result from a number of issues:

  • Large files, and certain file types (such as .exe) are often blocked by spam filters.  Even some email clients have filtering built in that will reject such messages.
  • The file is too large to send.  Sometimes mail servers can only handle files of a certain size.  When larger files are sent the server may reject the file.
  • Large or numerous files take longer to send and receive.  This can be a pain for the sender and the recipient.

Most operating systems include a zipping utility with the operating system.  Zipping a file or files has three major benefits:

  • The file size is generally reduced (results vary).  This is because zipping is a type of file compression.  The file is less likely to be too large to send and will transfer faster.
  • Files with the .zip extension are not executable, so nearly all spam filters will not block a file if it is zipped.
  • You can send multiple files by attaching a single file to your email.

For instructions on how to zip a file, please refer to the appropriate operating system below.

Windows XP:

Windows Vista:

Windows 7:

Mac OS:

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