WebSmith Cloud Servers


Linux® and Windows® servers on demand!

That’s right you tell us you need a server or two or three and we can “turn them on” in minutes. Our Cloud Servers run Linux or Windows Server in the Cloud.

We can change the number or type of CPU’s increase your memory or storage at a moments notice!

Plus you only pay a small monthly charge for what you need now, there is no need to spend thousands on a server and all the software and installation costs that go along with actually purchasing or replacing one.  So now, you can say goodby to your money pit, goodby to downtime, goodby to hardware cost, and goodby to the continual IT service costs! Instead say hello to today’s technology for no upfront investment and low monthly costs – servers start at $99/ month.

Highest uptime

You want your server working. Day, night, weekends – all the time – right? With our Cloud Web Servers that’s exacly what you’ll get. So, you can relax all day and sleep well at night knowing your server is up and running and your email is working!

Down-time erodes your companies credibility as well as your bottom line. Ever wonder how much down-time actually costs you and your company in actual dollars? Try our down-time calculator and see!

Contact us for a no obligation quote to handle your server needs today.

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