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Server port settings for setting up email clients

Once in a while you just need the ports, nothing else, just the ports! Below is a list of server settings for setting up email clients. To use a secure connection, be sure to use the settings marked with “SSL.” Incoming Server Type Server Name Port Number POP3 POP.EMAILSRVR.COM 110 IMAP IMAP.EMAILSRVR.COM 143 POP3 W/ […]

How to access the Message Options and view the Internet headers in Outlook 2010

Message Options in Outlook 2010

This option has been removed from the context (right click) menu in Outlook 2010 and also doesn’t exist in Outlook 2013 but there are alternative ways to access the dialog still and see the Internet headers of that message. By opening the message first If you open the message in its own window (via a […]