Monthly Archives: July 2013

WebSmith Cloud Services

WebSmith Professional Services You can work with our specialists and industry-leading experts in one-on-one consultations where we can help to assess your needs and identify solutions. Our broad portfolio of consultative services includes but is not limited to: Web Connect Email Marketing Social Media Consulting Search Engine Optimization Web Application Design & Programming WebSmith Cloud […]

WebSmith Cloud MS Exchange Hybrid

The Exchange Hybrid is a combination of WebSmith Cloud Microsoft Exchange Email and WebSmith Cloud Email. Shared calendars and contacts work between platforms, and there's a single control panel for administrators available. With our web-based email client built from the ground up as an all-in-one, software-free email management system you get a single, integrated system. […]

Editing and Resizing Images

One of the greatest challenges in managing website content is preparing images and photos for web delivery.  To help you create images that are optimized for your website, we’ve put together a collection of image editing resources.  Note – these resources are offered as a convenience for our clients.  They are provided by third party […]